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The Play


A young soccer mom’s life comes crashing down around her when she discovers that she has breast cancer. The loss of her breast and hair – two of the defining elements of womanhood according to Madison Avenue – challenge her own identity and her relationship with her husband.


She struggles through these issues in a support group of some very unique characters including a New-Age yoga instructor named Peace, an outspoken and slightly over-sexed motor-mouth, and a defiantly independent recovering cocaine addict.


The group decides to branch out of the typical support group mold and become

Pirates of the Chemotherapy.

Pirates have missing parts –

  a peg for a leg, a hook for hand, a patch to cover a missing eye and …

                           a sack of saline for a boobie and a wig for missing hair


Chemo Girls Silhouettes.png
Nancy Rogers

Motherly, protective, traditional, married, adult children, group leader (late 50’s early 60’s)

Karen Wallace

Introverted, low self-esteem, married, pediatric nurse (30’s)

Winnie Talbot

Free-spirited, cynical, single, self-sufficient store owner (late 30’s early 40’s)

Peace Agora

Single, new age, spiritual yoga instructor (late 20’s early 30s)

Doris Baggett

Brassy, no-holds-barred, slightly oversexed, married with no children (50’s)

Judith Burroughs

Hyper-organized Soccer Mom/Wife - (40s)

Show Information

Two Acts ~ 115 minutes plus intermission

Set is a church meeting room, but can be done black-box

Minimum set pieces - 6 chairs, a table, and a wheelchair

Royalties are $30 per show with unlimited number of performances IF portion of proceeds go to BC charity 

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