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We offer loving, not-your-typical support through Beyond Boobs! (our community-based, in-person support) and Pink Link (our nationwide, 24/7, online support). Here for the Girls creates and serves an extended family of young survivors (diagnosed under 51) who help one another through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

We provide a network of young women who share laughter and wipe tears, who show their scars and calm fears. They help each other face their diagnoses and learn to live life with an exclamation point (!) instead of a period.

MOVING FOR LIFE DanceExercise for Health® is dedicated to helping people challenged by cancer and aging, through free and low-cost dance exercise classes offered at hospitals, health and wellness centers, libraries and other community-based sites. Our methods are supported by research that confirms engagement in therapeutic dance improves quality of life, speeds up recovery time, enhances survivorship, and reduces the chances of recurrence. 

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